I washed my hair!

Yesterday was a big day for me – a hair washing day!  After two weeks of not washing my hair with anything at all, it felt pretty luxurious even if it was just with a bar of olive oil soap.  During the two weeks my hair seemed to get to a peak of greasiness and then if anything towards the end got a little less greasy. I did wonder if I should wash it at all, but I decided I really wanted to, so I did.  

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The soap did the job ok as you can see from the before and after pictures above but it didn’t feel as good as last time.  I think I used a bit too much though and I had a really interesting chat with someone on my Facebook page who said that lots of people use too much soap and it is best to dilute a little in some water each time you need it, so I’m going to try that next time I wash my hair.

In case you are wondering why I decided to use soap after writing an article about why I might not want to use soap.  I have updated that article slightly as although part of me was thinking I should give it up, the other part of me just wasn’t sure.  Plus I decided to use it on my hair to help me through the transition to going no poo.

Anyway so this time I am going to see if I can push my hair a bit further and go three weeks without washing it at all.  If I decide I really need to wash it before the three weeks is up though, I will just use water only and see how I go from there….

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