2 more weeks of unwashed hair!

I haven’t washed my hair at all for 15 days now – only another 6 days until I can wash my hair! I got my husband to take photo of my hair a couple of days ago so that I can compare how greasy (or not) it is in comparison to the last time I didn’t wash my hair at all for 2 weeks.

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It’s not perfect by any means, but it is definitely far less greasy than it was last time – which you can tell by the fact that my hair is much straighter in the first picture (the one I took last time) and has a bit more volume in the more recent picture.
Over the last two weeks I have noticed that I have had a couple of headaches, which is unusual for me, felt a little dizzy one day and even felt a bit stressed / down (especially after reading the ocean is broken, which is another story in itself – don’t join me in stressing, cheer up and read this and this ). There was one day when I started to feel a bit fed up of having greasy hair, but it hasn’t been bothering me particularly (and nothing anyone else says bothers me – not that anyone has said anything negative about my hair). Then it occurred to me that I might be having detox / withdrawal symptoms from not using shampoo as it reminded me a little of how I felt when I gave up sugar. I don’t know if this is actually the case but if it is I find that really interesting – it begs the question is shampoo addictive???
Whatever the answer to that question, I’m plodding on for another week without washing my hair and am feeling really encouraged by the fact my hair is less greasy after my second time of not washing it at all for two weeks!
So far I have given up shampoo and supermarkets as part of My Year of Eco Challenges and now I’m preparing to give up plastic too. If you have a moment I would really appreciate it if you would consider sponsoring me with an action on my DoNation page. Also if you liked this post please click like on Facebook and follow on Twitter – thanks so much!