Karen, Jen and Cat – an inspirational trio of ladies!

Yesterday I blogged about  the Clean Bin Project and how truly inspirational I found their documentary film.  I didn’t tell you everything though.
I was really excited to find that Karen Cannard was at the screening. Karen Cannard set up the Rubbish Diet, is involved in National Zero Waste Week and was responsible for organising the Clean Bin Project UK film tour.  She has also recently been on TV in Throwaway Britain! 
It was really great to meet her after having been reading her inspirational blog.  In 2008 she challenged herself to throw nothing away for a week and she succeeded with the exception of one plaster.
If you sign up to the Rubbish Diet as I plan to do after zero waste week this September you will receive a series of hints and tips which will ease you into a rubbish reduced life and you can also attempt to replicate her rubbish free week. I’m really looking forward to seeing how I get on with it!
Cat Fletcher of Freegle was also there, as she helped to organise the Brighton screening of the Clean Bin Project film.  Cat is involved in a number of brilliant projects the latest of which is the Give it for Good project which will be the subject of my next blog post!
I had to get a picture to prove I was there and from left to right there is me, Jen from the Clean Bin Project and Karen – shame Cat wasn’t in the picture!
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