How to earn money from your underused space and possessions!

Recently the Independent on Sunday published an article on how to make extra cash from your home.  It is full of great ideas of how to maximise your homes earning potential!
As mentioned in the article we recently rented out part of our garage via a great site called Storemates.  We were able to place an advert for free with them, then once we received a booking we paid them the first 2 weeks rental fees.  Renting our garage as storage space worked out well for us as we are only renting out a third of the space.  This means we can still use it to store our own things as well.
There are loads of sites that can help you earn extra money from your home and possessions as mentioned in the article.  Here is a summary of them and a few more:

Sustainable gift wrap course

Rent your spare room/ house/ garage/ garden:

  1. Storemates 
  2. Store Next Door 
  3. ParkatmyHouse
  4. Park Let 
  5. Your Parking Space.
  6. Spareroom 
  7. Airbnb.
  8. RentMyGarden
  9. Shoot Factory
  10. UK Locations
  11. Film-Locations 
  12. UK Film Location.
Earn money as you drive:
  1. Go Car Share
  2. Bla Bla Car
  3. Carpooling 
  4. Comm-motion
  5. UniCarAds 
  6. Use that Space
Make money from your stuff/ skills:
  1. Fivesquids 
  2. Task Hub 
  3. Rent my items.
For even more ideas on alternative ways to make money take a look at Money Magpie.

Have you made money from / used any of these sites or do you know of any equivalent ones outside the UK?  If so I’d love to hear about your experiences!
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