1. Give the gift of help!

Recently I decided to change the future of gift giving!  I want to give good feelings, good times, secondhand or homemade items, help and support instead of ‘new’ stuff.  There are millions of ways you could offer your help and support to people and they will vary depending on the person in question.  

Here are some ideas of ways in which help could be offered:

  • If the person owns a pet, looking after their pet while they are away or taking their dog for a walk occasionally are likely to highly appreciate it.  
  • Someone who is elderly or unwell may need lots of practical support with shopping, cooking, gardening and cleaning as well as really needing your visits, calls and emails.  
  • Parents of young children are very unlikely to turn down offers of free babysitting 
  • Students away from home are bound to snap up the offer of a hot meal they didn’t have to make or pay for!
  • Give your skills – e.g. if you are a photographer a professional photo shoot would be a great gift or if you are technologically minded, give lessons to someone who is less so.  This can work well with adults or children!
  • Someone who runs their own small business would really appreciate your help advertising it –  this could range from handing out business cards, to liking their Facebook page to telling all your friends and family about it (hint hint – please like my Facebook page!)
  • Someone new to an area would really benefit from some new friends.  The value you can give to someone through an introduction could last years or even a lifetime!
  • Share your stuff and equipment – we all have stuff hiding in the bottom of the cupboard, back of the garage or in a loft which we rarely use.  If you aren’t using it you don’t need it – lend it to someone who does and ask for it back if/ when you do need it!
It isn’t just your friends and loved ones that need your help – charities, local committees and fundraising groups can benefit from you offering your time and energy to support their projects.  Don’t over commit though, if this all starting to sound too much like hard work then scale it back.  Only offer what you can realistically achieve – even a one off offer of help will be appreciated.  It is important though to be clear about what you are offering and aren’t offering right from the beginning so that everyone knows where they stand.
Would you substitute a traditional gift at Christmas/ Chanukah time for offers of help?  I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

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