Cornflour in my hair!

Recently I found myself standing in my garden pouring cornflour all over my hair while my kids watched as they bounced up and down on their trampoline.  This might not have been the best idea, but there haven’t been any copy cat attempts just yet!

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I felt like a mad woman, who looked a little like a witch – maybe they used to pour cornflour on their hair too!

Can you use cornflour in hair as a dry shampoo?

I was pouring cornflour* all over my hair in an attempt to put an end to greasy hair.  I’ve lost count of how many weeks I haven’t used shampoo, but if anything my hair seems to be getting greasier.  I’m not ready to give up and will keep going, but not knowing how long it will take for my hair to sort itself out is hard!  It is difficult to resist the allure of a quick fix solution.

Anyway so the first time I used the cornflour it actually did the trick.  It was great and I felt for the first time in a long time that my hair was fairly normal. 

So a week later (I wash my hair around once a week), I tried again.  I didn’t follow quite the same process as the first time as I just put it on and then rinsed it out soon after – it didn’t work!

The third time I made sure I followed the same process I had the first time round.   I left the cornflour on for hours, brushed my hair through before washing and afterwards I think it was greasier than it was before I washed it!

Putting cornflour in my hair was not a success for me.

I think cornflour works for some people, but not for me, so I’ve given up pouring cornflour all over my hair and have gone back to my original plan of just washing with water for the time being, while I plan my next attack on my greasy hair! 

Have you got any tips for banishing greasy hair the natural way, does cornflour work for you?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below!



  1. You are way ahead of me. I am trying to stop shampooing too and having no luck. I had gotten so bad in the oily department I used to shampoo every single day….I had to. I have since learned that my hair made that oil to counteract me shampooing so much. Live and learn. BUT….I have awful luck skipping a day. I now use a healthier version of shampoo a couple times a week and baking soda on others….and I try to skip when I can.

  2. Zoe

    Thanks for sharing your experiences penguins and ladybugs! Hope it works out for you at some point soon!

  3. I tried it and it made me crazy itchy. I tried a shampoo bar and it made my hair a giant oil slick. Went back to buying shampoo from the bulk aisle at New Seasons & Whole Foods til I figure out something better – at least I'm saving on packaging 🙂

  4. Zoe

    Thanks for your comment Ecogrrl. If you do figure something better out I'd love to hear about it!

  5. Anonymous

    Hi there, you know I have this lovely baby powder made of cornstarch.. a few weeks ago my hair was oily on the off day ( I have to wash every second day) I sprinkled on the cornstarch powder, brushed it through, fluffed up my hair and voila! Beautiful clean-looking hair with lots of body in between washes.

    You don't wash the powder out, and it's not going to change the fact that your hair gets oily, it just absorbs the oil between washes! Good luck.

  6. Zoe

    Thanks anonymous – I think that I might have used too much cornflour. If I go back to no poo I might give your technique a try!

  7. i have oily< and greasy can i got any tips for banishing greasy hair the natural way?

  8. v

    Ayurvedic remedy that really works! – Apply plain yoghurt as a conditioner to hair,especially to the hair ends.Add lime juice to the water that will be used to take head bath and stop using chemical shampoos.Go natural!

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