Self massage and homemade massage oil.

A massage whenever you want it now wouldn’t that be great, was the title of an article I wrote recently and I promised to write another article about homemade massage oil – well here it is!

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My homemade massage oil is really simple.

I used to buy expensive oils for massaging such as jojoba oil (very luxurious) and I still have the bottle it came in, like the one on the left.
Now however I refill it mostly with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, which although not cheap, is far cheaper than the oils sold specifically for massage purposes.

I then add a little essential oil such as lavender oil (roughly 19 parts olive oil to 1 part essential oil – start with a bit less lavender oil than that to make sure it isn’t too overpowering, and gradually add more until the fragrance is at a strength you like).  Shake it up and that is it – very easy homemade massage oil!

I usually use this massage oil in conjunction with some self – massage techniques which I learned from this book: Teach Yourself Detox (TY Health & Well Being).

I try to give myself a massage most mornings as it is a great way to start the day and helps me to feel relaxed and invigorated!  I save money by mixing my own oils and giving myself a massage.  I can also ensure there are no nasty additives in the product!

If you are planning on going outside in the sun soon after your massage then don’t forget to wash it off first.  If not though it is fine to leave it on.  Don’t worry about smelling of olive oil, as all you will be able to smell is the fragrance of your chosen essential oil!

If you do give this a go, I would love to hear your experiences!  I would also love to hear any hints and tips you have about homemade massage oils/ self massage.

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  1. This is a good way to save money and have a little more luxury in life. I have heard that it's good to give yourself a massage daily but I only do it when I feel an ache or pain. Good healthy habit and tip for saving money on an activity that make us feel good.

  2. Seems like you could get really creative too with mixing scents and stuff.

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