Sweet centre!

Have you got a special event coming up?  Do you want your tables to wow your guests, without breaking the bank?  Are you a fan of sweets and chocolates?  If the answer is yes, yes and yes, then take a look at this great idea for sweet table centrepieces.

Flowers are a very traditional and beautiful centrepiece for any table, however they are often expensive and have to be imported in refrigerated planes and lorries to ensure that they stay fresh (thus increasing their carbon cost). 

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Flowers cannot be arranged too far in advance, otherwise they will wilt and it is therefore much more difficult to prepare them yourself for your special event. 

Sweets and chocolates on the other hand are cheap (especially if you buy them in bulk from a good supplier), last a long time and are likely to be easier to purchase and prepare yourself in advance of the event, than flowers.  They also don’t need to be imported in refrigerated vehicles.

I can’t comment further on the eco-friendly credentials of sweets compared to flowers, but it is refreshing to see an alternative to the traditional floral centrepiece, highlighting that there are other options out there that are definitely worth considering! 
These sweet centrepieces wowed the guests at an engagement party I went to recently.  They were a great talking point and encouraged the guests to mingle, as people went around the room with bags to collect sweets and chocolates from other tables.
This one was constructed by using a polystyrene ball covered in foil and then sweets were stuck into the ball using cocktail sticks.  A foil covered stick was connected to the ball and then embedded in a sweet filled glass vase. 
The guests all went home happy with goody bags filled with sweets.  The sweet centrepieces were so successful that the creators of these delightful centrepieces are considering going into business!  If you live in the North London area (UK) and are interested in having something like this made for you, please get in touch on sweetcentres@ecothriftyliving.com

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