Some thoughts on kids bikes…

A couple of weeks ago I watched a tv programme called Don’t Panic – The Truth About Population. It was an incredibly interesting programme, but one thing in particular stuck in my mind from it.  It showed a family in Africa that really wanted and needed a bicycle.  To sell their goods, they basically had to
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Rock IT!

Recently I went to the Eco Technology Show in Brighton and got chatting to various people at various stands.  On one of those stands was Rock IT.  I feel that they really deserve a mention on my blog as I think what they are doing is great!  They are a not for profit social enterprise based in Burgess
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A great green night out!

Last week my husband and I were lucky enough to be invited out to an evening held at Brighton University which was mainly set up to promote the Green Deal. A competition was run in the city of Brighton and Hove where 100 households won free Green Deal Assessments and 10 won up to £10,000
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How to get the most out of your unwanted stuff!

This is the third and last of a series of articles I have written on decluttering. The first covered reasons to declutter and the second outlined barriers to decluttering and how to overcome them. This final one focuses on dealing with your unwanted stuff like the punctured deflated football pictured here with minimal negative impact
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Ecoforce products put to the test!

Forget about religion and politics, one of the subjects you really don’t want to get me started on is cleaning!  I have to admit it never used to be my favourite activity, but these days I feel so pleased about not using harsh chemical cleaners and finding gentler eco friendly alternatives which really work, that
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