10 easy ways to stop unwanted gifts!

We need to put a stop to unwanted gifts! The 28th of December is known as Boxing Up Day – the day we resell our gifts because so many aren’t wanted.

Furoshiki gift wrapping! #CutTheWrap day 1

Each day this week, I will be posting about different ways to avoid single use wrapping paper and today is all about Furoshiki gift wrapping! The Japanese method of wrapping…

Over 100 Zero Waste Shops in the UK!

Looking for zero waste shops in the UK? In this article I have listed over 50 shops that are either dedicated to zero waste or have some unpackaged products

Coffee art for international coffee day!

I recently entered into a coffee art competition in New York and I decided today would be an appropriate day to share it! I drew the picture to make a positive statement about how to address the waste in the coffee industry.