How to swap wrapping gifts for a festive treasure hunt!

Want to create treasured childhood memories for your kids? Instead of wrapping their gifts, hide them. For an added element of excitement turn it into a treasure hunt!

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The easy peasy gift treasure hunt

You can make it simple and do it like an Easter egg hunt. You don’t need any clues for this, you just hide gifts around a room or a house and then people search for them.

It would make sense to do this one person at a time, so that only their gifts are available to find!

To make it easier to identify as a gift, wrap some reusable ribbon or string around them. I have collected a big stash of ribbons that I have collected over the years. I use an old toiletry bag to store them!

Simple clues

Leave a trail of treasure hunt clues around your house and entertain the adults and kids in your family! It can be hard to break with traditions especially if you are used to having a load of gifts under a tree, but you will probably be more upset about it than the kids. You could even hang the first clue from your Christmas tree and start a new family tradition!

10 clues to use in your home:

  1. Table – What has four legs but can’t go for a hike? Look under it to find something you’ll like
  2. Book on a bookshelf – My spine is the wrong way, all the others are facing out. I have a lot to say, but I can’t shout it out! (place a book on the bookshelf the wrong way round i.e. spine to the wall).
  3. Bed – Go to the place, where you like to close your eyes, but this time keep them open to find a surprise!
  4. Wardrobe – Hanging around in here is a bit boring because you usually only visit in the morning!
  5. Games cupboard – Roll the dice or shuffle the pack. Make your move and look towards the back!
  6. Fridge / freezer – Want to find something cool? You know where to search, you are no fool!
  7. Bath – Quack Quack and you’re on the right track
  8. Under the sofa cushions – Use your hands to rescue me from lost sock and loose change land!
  9. Airing cupboard – Clothes go here to get some air, come and find me in their lair!
  10. Shoe storage area – The things stored here travel a lot and there are different types depending on whether it is cold or hot!

For more ideas for festive clues take a look here: 56 Christmas scavenger hunt clues

How to avoid printing out clues on paper

If you don’t want wasted pieces of paper containing clues, there are the following options:

  • Each clue leads to a gift, so you just tell them the next clue when they find the gift.
  • If you want to save the gift or gifts till the end of the hunt, put something as a marker in each place e.g. a teddy, a book or even a pair of socks! Obviously you would need to use a book for the bookshelf clue!

Alternatively print or write out the clues and hide them around the house!

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