Furoshiki gift wrapping

Furoshiki gift wrapping! #CutTheWrap day 1

Furoshiki gift wrapping

Each day this week, I will be posting about different ways to avoid single use wrapping paper and today is all about Furoshiki gift wrapping!

The Japanese method of wrapping gifts in fabric is beautiful, creative, clever and reusable! Once you get the hang of a few simple techniques it doesn’t take long to master it!

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I’m posting about alternatives to wrapping paper as part of the #cutthewrap challenge to avoid single use wrapping paper. Read more about the challenge to avoid single use wrapping paper this winter and come and join with it here (if you haven’t already): The #cutthewrap challenge

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How to wrap up a book in fabric -Furoshiki style!

In the picture at the top of the article I have wrapped up my Eco Thrifty Living book in a silk scarf in a few easy steps. I got the silk scarf with a bunch more, when my mum was having a declutter. She was going to give them to charity, but I found a new use for them! If you don’t have your own fabrics to use to wrap up gifts, you will be able to find some inexpensively in a charity shop!

Step 1: Lay out your fabric and put the book on top at an angle

Furoshiki gift wrapping, fabric wrapping

Step 2: Bring two diagonally opposite corners towards each other and tie them together in a double knot

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Furoshiki gift wrapping, fabric wrapping paper alternative

Step 3 – repeat with the remaining two corners

Now that you know how simple and easy it is to wrap up your gifts in fabric, you need some ideas for sustainable gifts

5 sustainable gift ideas to put in your furoshiki gift wrapping!

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  1. A cake tin filled with homemade baking
  2. A Wonderbag. It is a type of thermal cooker, which is a slow cooker that you don’t need to plug in! I received one to review a little while ago and I love mine! It’s perfect for making slow cooked winter soups! Click here to read my Wonderbag review
  3. Gifts found in charity shops – e.g. unopened puzzles, games or gift sets
  4. A sustainable living book e.g. Eco Thrifty Living – Save Money, Save The Environment, Live Life You Want
  5. Products that can help you reduce your waste e.g. a reusable coffee cup

Look out for my post tomorrow which will be about how to swap wrapping gifts for hiding them! Before you go though, for even more Furoshiki wrapping ideas watch the video’s below!

Don’t look at the things they are wrapping up in this one!

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