5 top eco-friendly gifts for women this Christmas

These eco-friendly gifts for women are my top picks, but I think it is always best to check with the person you want to buy a gift for if they would like it before you go shopping. It does take out the element of surprise, but it also takes out the element of waste. You know they will like what you buy if you ask them first!

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If she is in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, she might like the these Woodzee* sunglasses which have frames that are made out of wood. I got given a pair over a year ago that I chose because I liked the fact the frames weren’t plastic and I also liked the ethos of the company. These glasses get noticed! I have had so many complements on them and people want to know why they are made out of wood. It is a great way to start a conversation about reducing plastic use. When they arrived they came with a note to say take good care of them because they are really fragile. Strangely they have actually lasted a lot longer than any other pair of sunglasses I have owned, because the note prompted me to be really careful with them. If I am out and about with them I always wear them on my head when the sun goes in – I never put them in my bag or down somewhere they could get squashed. At home I store them in a place I can see them so I know not to dump anything on top of them.

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Give her a gift that will help her save money and looks good! I have recently been given one of these and I love it! The Ecoffee* cup comes in loads of styles and designs, is lightweight, is plastic free and is made from bamboo. It is perfect for taking on a walk. The only downside is that it doesn’t hold the heat in for that long because it is quite thin. I also have a similar ceramic travel coffee cup*, which is great for long car journeys and keeps the heat in that bit longer, but is too heavy to take on a walk which the Ecoffee cup is better for.

Is she a gin fan? I’m not a big gin drinker, but I’ve noticed it is pretty popular these days, mainly after reading the brilliant and hilarious parenting blog Hurrah For Gin! There are some really great gin brands out there from an environmental perspective including Elephant Gin (15% of the profits go to charities to protect elephants) and Dodd’s Gin* which uses organic ingredients.

I love cork leather as it is a sustainable vegan alternative to plastic – as long as cork is stripped off the tree carefully it will grow back! I usually get hand me down hand bags but I wouldn’t object if someone gave me this Cork Leather Handbag @*. It looks great and is made by Portuguese artisans. You can also get a cork leather purse to match! The question is can you fit the gin and the reusable coffee cup in it?

This Eco Chic folding backpack* is made by a company that says they have designed it with the environment in mind. It is made from ‘rip-proof nylon’ which is a type of plastic, but they have chosen it because they wanted a product that was long lasting and have backed that up with a 6 month guarantee. The thing I like about it is that it folds down into a little pouch, which is really convenient. I could see it being very useful for those times I decide to cycle to the shops and need a lightweight backpack to transport the stuff home again! Eco Chic also have a range of folding shopping bags which are a great replacement for single use plastic shopping bags!

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@ Please note that I don’t have any knowledge of the source of the cork in the cork leather handbag shown and can’t verify whether a sustainable source of cork was used in it’s making or not.


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