eco friendly gifts for women

Ideas for eco friendly gifts that she will love

These eco-friendly gifts for women are my top picks, but I think it is always best to check with the person you want to buy a gift for if they would like it before you go shopping. It does take out the element of surprise, but it also takes out the element of waste. You know they will like what you buy if you ask them first!

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1. Bamboo sunglasses

These sunglasses are made out of bamboo* and come with a cork leather case. Bamboo is a great sustainable material as it is fast growing and easily replaced. The sunglasses look great too!

2. Travel mugs make stylish and practical eco friendly gifts for women

This gift will help her save money, is much better than getting teas and coffees in disposable mugs and looks good! A reusable travel mug* is great for a commute, long journeys and days out. It looks so much nicer to have a reusable coffee cup in your hand, than a disposable one. I also have a similar ceramic travel coffee cup*, which is great for long car journeys and keeps the heat in that bit longer, but is too heavy and breakable to take outside the car.

3. Eco-friendly gin

eco friendly gifts for her

Is she a gin fan? I’m not a big gin drinker, but I’ve noticed it is pretty popular these days, mainly after reading the brilliant and hilarious parenting blog Hurrah For Gin! There are some really great gin brands out there from an environmental perspective including Elephant Gin* (15% of the profits go to charities to protect elephants) and Dodd’s Gin* which uses organic ingredients.

Note: Do not drink alcohol if you are under 18 (or whatever the legal limit is in your country) and remember to drink responsibly.

4. Cork leather hand bag

I love cork leather as it is a zero waste vegan alternative to plastic – as long as cork is stripped off the tree carefully it will grow back! I have a very similar bag to this cork leather Handbag*. It looks great and is made by Portuguese artisans. You can also get a cork leather purse* to match! The question is can you fit the sunglasses and the reusable coffee cup in it?

5. Shampoo and conditioner bar set

I love Friendly soaps because they are reasonably priced, smell nice and do the job well! They have a lovely shampoo and conditioner set* for sale. Sadly I can’t use the shampoo bar as they say it doesn’t work in a hard water area. But I love the conditioner bar, the shaving bar* and the other soap bars which come in a variety of scents.

Looking for sustainable gifts for all the other people in your life too? Check out my guide to sustainable gifts your friends and family will love.

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eco friendly gifts for her


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