We’ve just got our hands on a fun new water saving gadget!

Waterblades are brand new on the market and I think they are a really good eco, cost effective, DIY friendly gadget that really are a no brainer to buy.
We first heard about them at the Eco Technology Show in Brighton earlier on in year, where the designer (who happens to be local) was exhibiting. When we saw it we both thought it had a lot of potential. So what is the Waterblade? It is a little adapter that fits on your existing tap and changes the usual flow of water to a thin flat sheet, which is slightly thicker at the edges. It works with greatly reduced water pressure compared to a standard tap and uses far less water.
It isn’t practical where you need fast flowing water e.g. in the bath, but it is perfect for a bathroom or toilet sink tap and our kids find it lots of fun!

I was really impressed how easy it was to fit, less than 10 minutes after I took the Waterblade out of the bag it was fitted to the bathroom tap. You do need isolation valves on the hot and cold feed to the tap and that’s the where the savings are had – the taps are virtually turned off and you can still wash your hands well.

Sustainable gift wrap course
According to Waterblade it can save you over 13,000 litres a year compared to a normal tap, that’s a lot of water and if you are on a water meter it can pay for itself many times over in the first year. Yes it will easily pay for itself within the first year. So whether you are eco and want to save water or thrifty and want to save money its worth looking into this product!

This post was written by Mr ETL.
Disclaimer: we were given a Waterblade as part of a trial and decided it was so good we wanted to blog about it.

Picture credit – the picture was provided by Waterblade.