Handmade cards and envelopes

Have you ever made or received a personalised card? They have that extra special feel about them, that says someone really cares. There is a huge market these days for personalised cards with large card companies offering online card customisation and ordering.
Buying cards however can be an expensive exercise, especially when you add up all the cards you buy over a year. Some people choose to send e-cards, which saves money, paper and the environment. Sometimes though only an actual card will do.
Making your own cards at home adds a personal touch and saves you money. You could buy a card kit, which comes with pre-cut cards, envelopes and decorative items, or you could go it alone buying card, paper and accessories separately.
Here is an idea of how to make cards and envelopes for very little cost. If you hand deliver them next time you see the person, you wont need to pay for postage either. This method is particularly good for thank you cards after a party.
Step 1: Open any presents very carefully and keep the wrapping paper as smooth as possible.
Step 2: Save any cards given to you and cut them in half, keeping the front cover of the card (with the picture on). Put the written on section of the card in the recycle bin (unless there are any pictures on the back of the card which might be worth cutting out)
Step 3: Depending on the card you may just be able to write a message straight on the back of the picture half of the card. If the card says ‘Happy Birthday’ on it for example however, you could cut that bit off the card and just use the section with the picture on it.
Step 4: Lay your thank you card on the wrapping paper (wrong side up) that you have kept from the presents.   Draw an envelope shape around it, making sure each section will be big enough to cover the card and then cut it out.
Step 5:  Stick your envelope shape together either with glue or double sided sticky tape
Step 6:  Put your card in your envelope and write on the name of the person who will be receiving the card (tip: if the wrapping paper is fairly busy, you could stick a plain white sticker on the front of the envelope so that the name shows up).
If you have any bits of card remaining, you could use them to accessorise another card.
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