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You are on a journey of becoming more eco-friendly and spending less and you don’t want to do it alone. Well you don’t need to, because you can join the eco thrifty community in lots of different ways!


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Eco Thrifty Community Facebook Groups

I run four friendly Facebook groups

Zero Waste Christmas is my newest Facebook group and is there for people to share ideas about how to reduce waste over the festive season. To join the group, you need to sign up to the newsletter and the take the #CutTheWrap pledge to avoid single use wrapping paper this festive season. Sign up to the newsletter and challenge here: Take the #CutTheWrap challenge

Reduce Your Food Waste UK is all about supporting each other to help reduce food waste and save money in the process. It is a great place to find lots of food waste solutions, and have any of your food waste questions answered. If you have discovered any great food waste tips then this is the perfect place to share them. I set up this group because reducing food waste is one of the top climate solutions and it is something that can save us all a lot of money!

Ecothriftyliving is a place for people to share and discuss eco-friendly money saving ideas in general

Energy saving tips and tricks UK is where you can go to discuss how to save energy and spend less on it!

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Who doesn’t love discovering new tips and ideas on Pinterest? You can discover what I post and share on my Pinterest boards

You can also join in and pin to my group boards. To join any of the group boards please drop me an email me and let me know which board you want to join. Email me at

Eco Thrifty Community Group Pinterest Boards:

  • Ecothriftyliving is for general ideas for eco-friendly thrifty living!
  • Reduce your food waste! is all about sharing your food waste tips, what can we do to make our food go further and throw away less
  • Zero Waste Shops this is a board to share anything great about zero waste shops. Feel free to share a link to your own shop on the board!
  • Minimalism is all about living the minimalist lifestyle


I post daily and share news and blog posts. You can follow me on Twitter at @Ecothrifty. Feel free to say hi and chat to me on there.