A hair update!

In case you haven’t already been following my ‘poo’ free journey, I went shampoo free again on the 27th September.  I washed my hair with olive oil soap and then didn’t wash it at all for 2 weeks.  I washed it again with olive oil soap and then went another 3 weeks without washing my hair.  I decided to take photos
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‘No poo’ 13 days later

After deciding to go ‘no poo’ again I have washed my hair with olive oil soaponce.  I haven’t washed it since at all (for around 11 days).  I haven’t washed it for two reasons. 1. Last time none of the ‘no poo’ alternatives worked very well for me 2. I want to retrain my scalp Washing my
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Going ‘poo’ free again!

Two days ago I announced that I was going to undertake a year of eco challenges   The first of which was to give up shampoo again.  I have tried this before and it didn’t go very well.  I started rather optimistically back in June/ July 2012.  After six weeks it wasn’t going well, but I was still feeling optimistic
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Giving up on ‘no poo’

During my reflections on 2012, I admitted that I have given up on not using shampoo.  I went shampoo free for around 6 months and unfortunately for me, my hair just got greasier and greasier and became full of dandruff.  I have long straight brown hair and my experiences might be useful for someone with similar hair,
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