How did I do it?

Recently I held a zero waste (well very nearly zero) birthday party for my son and if you are interested in finding out exactly how much I chucked in the bin and the challenges I faced you can read more here. I didn’t say how I kept the waste so low in that blog post though,
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It was such hard work, but would I do it again???

The answer to that question is most likely yes I would, but there are definitely some lessons to be learned for next time.  What was it that I did though? Not content with trying to slow down fashion and preparing for plastic free July (as well as all my other challenges), I decided that it
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Homemade 1st Birthday

I have to admit that for my son’s first birthday last year, I got a little carried away making things (not quite as carried away as for my older son, but that post hasn’t been written yet – watch this space!). Birthdays have always been a big thing in my family and my mum threw some
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