Home grown camomile tea!

I love drinking herbal teas and camomile (sometimes spelt chamomile) is a favourite of mine. I have had two camomile plants for a couple of years now and last year I picked enough flowers off them to last me all winter and I still have some left now. This year the flowers are coming thick
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A free upcycled pallet herb planter

When we first moved into our home we planted up a bed in our garden with herbs.  This year we decided that we wanted to grow more veg and that we should move the herbs to make way for veg growing.  We wanted to keep the herbs, just in a slightly more space saving way.
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An underused overgrown curry plant!

  My curry plant seems to be getting bigger and bigger and I just don’t use it as I’m not sure what to do with it.  A quick google tells me this plant does not produce the spice ‘curry’ and I am now wondering if it has any culinary uses.  This summer it was covered
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