Going ‘poo’ free again!

Two days ago I announced that I was going to undertake a year of eco challenges   The first of which was to give up shampoo again.  I have tried this before and it didn’t go very well.  I started rather optimistically back in June/ July 2012.  After six weeks it wasn’t going well, but I was still feeling optimistic
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The ‘I Quit’ Blog Fiesta no.4 – weight loss photos and more!

Welcome to the fourth edition of my I Quit Blog Fiesta! I’m still into quitting in a big way and have been thinking about a few things this month. Firstly an update on my life without sugar.  In total I have lost 16lbs since I quit the sweet stuff, but recently I have plateaued.  I have
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A tale of sugar, weight loss and why I’ve been feeling cross!

Recently I decided to give up give up eating sugar.  I gave up sugar for a number of reasons, but one of the reasons in particular was because I want to drop down to and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of my life. Weight loss is a very sensitive issue for me. Throughout most
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Mooncups or tampons?

Mooncup have released a new video campaign, which is absolutely brilliant and well worth a watch for entertainment value alone!  It can be accessed via their website by clicking on the picture above. It features the ‘Mooncup crew’ and the ‘Tampon crew’ having a go at each other and is very well put.  Menstrual cups
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Giving up on ‘no poo’

During my reflections on 2012, I admitted that I have given up on not using shampoo.  I went shampoo free for around 6 months and unfortunately for me, my hair just got greasier and greasier and became full of dandruff.  I have long straight brown hair and my experiences might be useful for someone with similar hair,
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Homegrown shower and shaving gel!

I have recently discovered that the numerous Aloe Vera plants decorating my shelves and window ledges are actually really useful and after a couple of weeks of using them, I can’t believe I have hardly used them before.  I have had Aloe Vera plants for years and found that they are extremely low maintenance and
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No ‘poo’ – alternatives to shampoo and conditioner!

I recently gave up using shampoo and conditioner and haven’t used either for nearly 6 weeks now.  The picture on the left shows my hair at around 4 weeks of no ‘poo’.  My two boys (both under 5) have also been joining me in this experiment.  My hope is that our scalps will appropriately regulate the amount of
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