I’m trying!

You might be forgiven for thinking that I have completely forgotten about my challenges for this month, but I promise I haven’t, I’ve just been busy and haven’t had much time to write about them! Busy doing things like hosting a clothes swap party (read more here), looking after the kids during half term and
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Is it a good idea to rent out my car?

How would you feel about letting a stranger drive off with your car?  I’m currently considering renting out my car on the days that I’m not using it, especially on the weekends and I’m just not sure yet whether it is a good idea or not!  We have two cars and we need to use
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I set myself a task for this year – to earn £10,000 without getting a job.  So far – 12 days into January I haven’t made any money at all. Not great progress. I have been procrastinating by trying to make DIY alternatives to slow cookers (read more here).  I have got a plan for this week
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