A booking and an onion rescue mission!

Things can change really quickly in the world of renting out rooms and one of the agencies we are registered with decided they did have a student for us after…


I set myself a task for this year – to earn £10,000 without getting a job.  So far – 12 days into January I haven’t made any money at all….

Make your own thermal cooker

Why slow cook food? Thermal cookers are great for saving energy, time and money. I batch cook soup and stews and slow cooking brings out lots of the lovely flavours….

Over £11,000 of savings made!

When I started this blog, my aim was to drastically cut my expenditure so that I could afford to quit my job to become a stay at home mum/ blogger…

Budget Cuts

Want to reduce your yearly expenditure, whilst retaining or improving your quality of life?  I started this blog as I wanted to prove that it is possible to thrive, not…