Out damned spot!

I mentioned the other day that I wash my dishes with bicarbonate of soda.  For some time I was washing them with a mixture of vinegar, lemon juice and salt. I mixed the three together as vinegar is a good presevative, lemon juice is faster acting than vinegar as a cleaner (particularly on limescale) and
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A green clean – three tips for today

Microfibre cloths are great, but an old pair of socks will do.  The most well known microfibre cloths are e-cloths, but they are quite expensive and there are cheaper alternatives out there. I recently bought a microfibre mop for around £5 in Aldi, while the e-cloth version is around £20. If you have a look
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R.I.P. My Chemical Crammed Cleaning Cupboard!

My bleach shall soon clean a different toilet My window cleaning spray will shine glass elsewhere My antibacterial cleaner will disinfect another’s work surfaces  And before long my oven cleaner will no longer be there I have decided to give away my chemical laden cleaning products To replace them with items containing ingredients I can
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