May 29, 2019

Eco Thrifty Living Book

Eco Thrifty Living book, book

You can get your copy of the Eco Thrifty Living book here*Ad*! After 8 years of blogging about saving money and the environment I have written a book! It is filled with practical tips and advice and my real life stories of how I got on with or didn’t get on with eco and money saving ideas! There are 11 chapters in the book, covering topics like reducing your kitchen waste, eco-thrifty gardening and sustainable fashion.

If you are new to my blog, I think reading the book would be an ideal starting point for your eco-thrifty journey. If you are a regular reader, then you will find anecdotes in the book that I haven’t shared on the blog and it will be a great refresher to go back through the tips and advice I have shared over the years. Plus it is in an organised and concise format and is a helpful reference. Don’t just take my word for it though, check out some of the reviews:


I love Zoe’s common sense approach to living a more sustainable lifestyle and the fact that it’s all about taking small steps and not putting too much pressure on yourself to be some eco thrifty warrior before you get to the end of the book.

The Diary of a Frugal Family

Zoe shows you how you can actually save money by living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. You don’t have to spend a fortune on so-called eco-friendly products (some of which are a lot of expensive green hype). Instead, you can make small and simple changes that will have a positive impact, both on your bank balance and the planet

Shoestring Cottage

Trying to live a more eco friendly lifestyle can be overwhelming, but this book really helps to break the subject down into something far more manageable. Easy to read, and with straightforward techniques to use to help change your habits. I thoroughly enjoyed it!’

Debbie Hardy – Director of Wastenot, Brighton

Something I especially like – and one of the first things that comes across – about the book, and Zoe’s writing in general, is how non-judgemental and down-to-earth it is. She respects that everyone has different levels of environmental awareness, as well as different budgets, lifestyles, priorities and motivations.

A Refuge for Daffodils

I particularly like the way each section ends with a challenge and advice on how to take things further. If you are starting to focus on ways to help the environment and save money, this is a great introduction.’

Homegrown and Foraged

It’s a well-written book with a positive slant. Great if you’re looking to green up your life, and your family’s.


Get your copy here*Ad* !