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It’s great to be powered by renewable energy!

Picture credit: Octopus Energy We recently switched to a renewable energy provider – Octopus energy and I’m so happy we did. I originally wrote about the switch here: This blog is now powered by Octopus Energy! Being green isn’t always easy, but switching to Octopus energy really is – it really only took me a few
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How to regrow celery from the stump!

Have you ever wondered if you can regrow celery? Well, like magic you can regrow a whole new plant from the scrap part of celery and also of various types of  other vegetables! Recently I have been regrowing veg from bits that would have previously gone in the compost heap. I have had success with
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Take the #stillgood decluttering challenge!

When was the last time you had a good rummage around your food and drink supplies to see what needs using up and what needs to go? This month I am setting you the challenge of having a good clear out and working out what is #stillgood! Hopefully the challenge will save you some money,
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reduce your heating bill

6 easy ways to reduce your heating bill!

6 ways to reduce your heating bill as temperatures plummet There are lots of affordable ways to keep heat in and the cold out. Here’s some to try today Note – This blog post contains affiliate links marked with * and anything you buy through them will help to support the blog as I will
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5 great reasons to grow your own mint!

Homegrown mint is the freshest, sweetest and most satisfying mint you will ever taste and needs very little looking after. We have four mint plants so that we have plenty to keep us going when it is in season and we give it a ‘haircut’ every so often so we can dry some out too
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Free food via Olio!

Olio is a new food sharing app designed to get businesses and individuals giving away their unwanted food. I am totally in favour of unwanted or surplus food being redistributed as it stops it being chucked into landfill, which is bad for the environment as it can give off methane in landfill, not to mention
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Nothing naughty about this neopolitan!

My friend Shani of hazelnut biscuit fame (read more here) invited us over for lunch recently and knowing that we aren’t into sugar or waste, made us some seriously delicious sugar free, zero waste neopolitan icecream, which was also dairy free and vegan!  There were only two ingredients in this delicious icecream – bananas and cocoa
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DIY Solar Panel Cleaning

We have had solar panels for a few years and they are all working fine. But could cleaning solar panels make them work better? Doing some research on solar panel cleaning there seems to be 2 opposing views (as always). Disclaimer – an affiliate link was used in this post. One view is that glass
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