Zoe holding Eco Thrifty Living Books, Eco Thrifty Living book in print

Now available – the Eco Thrifty Living book in print!

Eco Thrifty Living book in print

I’m so excited to have the Eco Thrifty Living book in print now! You can get your copy here: Eco Thrifty Living the print version*.

Please note this blog post contains affiliate links marked *. It won’t cost you anything extra to purchase through these links, but it will help to support the blog. Thanks.

Why am I selling the Eco Thrifty Living book in print?

I know some people will ask why I’m doing a printed copy. What about the trees? Well surprisingly to me, most people I have told about my book want to buy a print copy. Lot’s of people don’t have Kindles or e-readers. Also it is a reference book and the print copy has space to make notes in it. Some books do make more sense in print. Yes there is still the issue of the trees, but I’m hopeful that anyone reading the book, will take actions that will offset the environmental impact of the book and then some.

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Why Amazon?

Ok so I’ve made a printed copy, but why Amazon? I have chosen to self-publish through Amazon for a few reasons.

  1. It doesn’t cost me any money to publish on Amazon, meaning I don’t have any start up costs to worry about. They take a commission on any sales I make, plus they take the printing costs of the book.
  2. It helps me reach a wider audience than I could reach if I was just selling through my blog
  3. They print on demand, which means that if someone orders a book, then they print one. There aren’t loads of unsold books sitting in a storeroom somewhere that might get chucked out one day and I like that lack of waste!
  4. I don’t have to wait for a publisher, which could take a long time and I think the sooner my book can get out there in the world and help people the better!

Want to buy the Eco Thrifty Living book in print direct?

If you would like to buy individual or wholesale copies of the book directly from me, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Send me an email me on zoe@ecothriftyliving.com.

Why should I buy the book?

Want to find out more before you buy? The book has been reviewed by several bloggers e.g. Diary of a Frugal Family . You can also check out more blogger reviews here: Eco Thrifty Living Book reviews . For more detail about the book and more reviews on Amazon click here: Eco Thrifty Living book* or visit my blog page about my book here: Eco Thrifty Living the book

If you do buy a copy, please please leave me a review after you have read it. It will help other people make an informed decision about whether to buy it or not. Thank you so much!

I’m so pleased that you can now buy Eco Thrifty Living the book in print* and on Kindle. Happy reading and I look forward to your feedback on the book! Also thanks to Green Cat Books for listing my book on their site!