Eco Thrifty Living Book Cover news!

Eco Thrifty Living Book Cover

I have exciting news. The Eco Thrifty Living book cover is now ready, as you can see above! However I’m not going to publish it by the end of the week. The deadline has been really helpful to me though and I am really glad I have been working towards it as I have made loads of progress.

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The reason for my delay is that finishing the book is one thing, but I have realised there is a lot more to it than that. All the finishing touches and getting it actually published and launched is going to take a little while. I want to get it right! So I’m working hard on it behind the scenes.

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Sorry for the delay everyone and I will keep you posted on what is going to happen next. Please keep a look out for my next book update!

UPDATE: I’m really excited to say that the Eco Thrifty Living book cover, now has a kindle book and a print book version to go with it! You can buy it in either format on Amazon here: Eco Thrifty Living the book *

Want to find out more before you buy? The book has been reviewed by several bloggers e.g. Pip from A Refuge for Daffodils . You can also check out more blogger reviews here: Eco Thrifty Living Book reviews . For more detail about the book and more reviews visit the Amazon page here: Eco Thrifty Living book*

If you do buy a copy of the book, please please leave me a review on Amazon, so that other people can make an informed decision about buying it. Thank you so much!