I never thought it would be this tricky


If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will have noticed that there hasn’t been much regular reading to do around here! I came to a bit of a stop and then couldn’t work out what to do next.

Basically I felt like I had gone too far and I needed a break. I went too far into the realm of not spending money and too far with trying to avoid waste.

I came to the conclusion that while it was a very useful experiment for me to see how much waste we produced and how far I could go to avoid it, that it wasn’t going to work for me indefinitely to live my life prioritising avoiding waste. I got a bit disheartened by not being able to be a perfect zero waster and got into a bit of a grump about it.

At the same time I also got a bit fed up of not spending on things and my lack of earning a living. I became pretty demoralised about this. I never realised how much not earning money would impact my self esteem. I could logically argue about how great it is to make savings and to not spend money unnecessarily and how it is good for the environment and that is all true. The thing is I was so busy thinking that I didn’t want to have to play by anyone else’s rules by earning money, that I lost sight of the fact that earning money can also be a really good thing. Having a job or running a business or being a freelancer can bring purpose to your days, help others and make you feel useful and valued in a way that working for free just doesn’t do.

I know that being a stay at home mum and writing this blog are very useful and valuable activities, but my kids are older now. I want different things to the things I wanted when I started this blog. I’m in a different place now.

Why am I telling you all this? Does that mean I want to put an end to this blog? Well no actually it doesn’t, I feel like this is a new beginning for me. When I started the blog it was because I wanted to quit my job and for us to not just survive, but thrive on one salary. I wanted to swap earning money, for having the time to spend being at home with my kids and pursue my dreams and I did it.

Now I feel like I am too time rich and money poor. I want to redress the balance. I want to work and earn money and still pursue my dreams, it’s just that this time they are different ones. I want to turn this blog into a business. I want to publish books and courses and sell relevant products with my artwork on them and to continue to blog on new ways to save money and the environment as I discover them and more. I want to help other people who are in a similar position to the one I was in when I started this blog with all the first hand knowledge that I have gained from living the eco-thrifty life. This isn’t new information, I’ve blogged about it before and I actually have buttons about my plans for a book and a course on the front page of my website.

The problem is that the idea of publishing the book and the course freaked me out. I wrote most of a book (not the one I am currently advertising on the front page of my website by the way) and for a long time couldn’t bring myself to look at it to finish it. I also designed a course and then couldn’t bring myself to publish it. I felt overwhelmed by all the work that doing what I have dreamed of would actually entail and I have been in procrastination city for some time now. I finally feel ready to admit to that here and to set myself some goals publicly, so that hopefully it will help me to move past this block and so here it is.

I will aim to publish my book by the end of March 2019. There you go I’ve said it now, so I have to do it! To keep me honest, I will keep you guys updated on my progress towards my goal once a week. I might also share some of the fruits of my procrastination along the way e.g. my artwork and some ramblings about running. Wish me luck and if you feel like throwing some words of encouragement my way on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, they would be much appreciated. Thank you!