How has reading Eco Thrifty Living changed you?

Abstract, black and white, artHappy Christmas everyone! Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

If you have been following previous blog posts you will know that I am currently focusing on writing a book about being eco-friendly and thrifty and I have set myself a deadline for completion by the end of March 2019. I promised to write a weekly update with how I am getting on with it and here it is!

Last week I planned to allocate just one hour each week to writing my book as a starting point and I actually did it yesterday, which was ahead of schedule – woohoo! This week I’m going to up the ante and promise to spend 2 hours on the book before my next update – eek!

Before I started writing yesterday I decided to not just hope for the best. I wanted to get in the right mood. I’ve been feeling down about all the eco-thrifty habits that I haven’t been able to maintain over the longer term, but forgetting about the ones that have just become second nature. In fact there have been a lot of successes. Then I started thinking about how much more inspired I would feel hearing about your stories and your successes. It would be so great to know what kind of impact my blog has had. It would also be really useful to know what works and what doesn’t for you guys, to help me decide which tips to include in my book. So has reading this blog changed you in anyway? Has it helped you save money and the environment? Which tips save been the most helpful to you? I would really like to hear your stories!

You can get in touch with your stories by emailing me on on Twitter and on Facebook . I’m really looking forward to hearing from you guys – thank you!