4 great eco-friendly gifts!

Are you looking for a great eco-friendly gift for a loved one or a friend? I’ve written about gift ideas before, specifically these eco gift ideas for women and gift ideas for men, but it’s always good to add more ideas to the list!  Check out these fun ideas shared below.

This is a guest post by Mark from Foosballzone.com. Mark is a huge foosball fan who loves everything related to foosball. Due to that, he made a blog about it and on his blog, he shares his foosball knowledge. If you want to learn more about foosball, visit his blog Foosballzone.com.I have added relevant affiliate links in places which are marked with an *. It won’t cost you any extra to purchase something through an affiliate link, but will help to support the blog!

Whiskey Stones

There are at least 3 perks of having whiskey stones*. They are cool, they are extremely useful and they are eco-friendly. Whiskey stones are the perfect replacement for ice blocks in your drink. They are called Whiskey stones because people mostly put them in Whiskey, but that doesn’t have to be a must. Those “stones” are made from natural soapstone and they have amazing characteristics. You don’t have to put them in plastic moulds to freeze them and you don’t have to use plastic bags for them. All you need to do is put them in a freezer and they will cool your drink for hours. Have I mentioned they are completely natural?

Octopus energy


EcoSphere* is one incredible product made by NASA. Well they made the first one, but there are many producers today. As you can see it from the name, it is actually an entire system in a glass sphere. The sphere has a completely self-supporting system which can last about 2 years on average, but there are few which managed to last more than 10 years. So, what it is about? The Ecosphere is filled with sea water, which has algae and bacteria. Algae and bacteria in the water are food for the microorganism, which is food for shrimps. It is an entire circle of life, in one glass sphere. If you aren’t impressed by that, I am not sure what can impress you.

Natural soap

Natural soaps are a must have for every eco-friendly person, but they are hard to find. Most natural soaps aren’t really natural and that is why you have to know where to buy one. Be sure that you pick the right store, a store with eco-friendly products. (Oliva soap* is a good soap that you can buy online, which is made from olive oil,water and mineral salts, but probably would be more something you would buy for yourself than give as a gift). The best part of a natural soap is the fact that you are helping your body, your skin, and the planet. If you pick the right soap, you will make your friend so happy.

Cardboard foosball table

No, I am not talking about DIY football table which won’t last one night; I am talking about a real football table* made from cardboard. It is possible; in fact, the table is made from cardboard, without any steel or plastic. The cardboard they use is made especially for that purpose, which means it is extra durable.  It is made from renewable resources and is recyclable.


So there you have it – 4 fun and interesting eco-friendly gift ideas for your friends and family!