Lunch for 17 – a quick update!

Last weekend I had 17 people in my house for lunch (read more about how I prepared for that here) and I promised I would report back how it went.  I set myself 3 challenges:

  1. Zero waste (ish) catering. I made most of the things I had planned to, except the fritata which I completely ran out of time for. I couldn’t have done this without the help of some very lovely friends who picked up the kids from school for me the day I was cooking, which gave me that extra time I really needed. I knew that we would have some packaged food as well and asked other people to buy it for me (I think subconsciously I thought if I didn’t buy it, it didn’t count – which is just ridiculous :)). The problem was I didn’t say how much I wanted and so people erred on the side of way more than we actually needed – lesson learned for next time! I should have taken pictures of the spread but the only picture I managed to take was of the salmon going in the oven!
  2. What should I do about gifts – was it rude not to give some people gifts and not others? I decided to give gifts only to the people I would usually give gifts to and I gave them to them unwrapped and individually (i.e. not in front of everyone else). I didn’t have time to do anything for anyone else anyway in the end. I also combined gift giving with decluttering and passed on some hand-me-downs to my nephews.
  3. Clear out my student room which was filled with junk and turn it into a dining room. My husband and I worked as a team and got the room cleared out which was really nice. It made a lot of sense to turn our dining room into a student bedroom as the room was so underused and ended up being a dumping ground, but it is lovely to be able to use it as a dining room when it makes sense to and when we don’t have students here. This way we get the best of both worlds!
So all in all, it went pretty well, everyone seemed to have a good time and I had cooked most of the things the day before so wasn’t under too much pressure on the day, which was great! 
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