I set myself a task for this year – to earn £10,000 without getting a job.  So far – 12 days into January I haven’t made any money at all.

Not great progress. I have been procrastinating by trying to make DIY alternatives to slow cookers (read more here). 

I have got a plan for this week though to move me closer to my goal.

Monday (today) I’m cleaning and tidying my house because:

Octopus energy
  1. It is a mess 
  2. I need to have it clean and tidy for Tuesday
  1. Clean and tidy some more (if I need to)
  2. A lady from a student agency is coming round to have a chat/ look at our house.
Make my spare room look beautiful (more so than it already does)

Clean my car inside and out and paint over any scratches (hopefully the weather will co-operate)

  1. List my spare room on Airbnb.  
  2. Find out about more student agencies and sign up to them.
  3. Take pictures of my car and list it on a car rental website or several (if I can find more than one site)
The lady is coming round from an agency that we are already signed up to, but as they haven’t been round in a while they want to revisit and check everything is still good.  When they came the first time I didn’t even have a bed in the room, so I’m not worried about the room being perfect before she comes (it is currently filled with stuff that needs to be got rid of/ redistributed around the house).  I do want the house to be clean and tidy though and I do need to clear the room to take pictures of it for Airbnb.  We are currently registered with two student agencies at the moment, but neither of them have any students for us, so I’m going to have to try a variety of different ones and Airbnb to get the room filled. 
I want to get my spare room filled as a top priority as I think that will be the biggest earner for us this year and all the time the room is vacant, it is going to make it harder to achieve my goal…
I have been procrastinating a little because I’m not very into the whole earning money thing. The Moneyless Manifesto really put me off it.  However at this stage in my life I am choosing to live a lifestyle where I do need money to sustain it. I’m just not up for giving away my house and all my possessions and taking my family on a moneyless adventure 🙂 I definitely need less than I used to, but I still need some money.  So with that in mind and motivating me I’m sure I’ll get back into the swing of things soon though!
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  1. Great goal, good luck with it!

    Not sure I like the idea of renting out a room in my house but fair play to you, it sounds like a good earner!

  2. Zoe

    I can understand about not wanting to rent out a room. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but generally I have found students to be really easy house guests.

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