Plastic diary – Days 4 to 7 of Plastic Free July

My plastic free diary continues.  If you missed days 1 to 3 catch up with them here!

Day 4 – Friday

Today’s successes:

No single use plastics used or thrown away by me today (not counting the hairbrush prong)- yippee!

  1. I did a very nearly plastic free shop (except for cucumbers).  I bought salmon from the fishmongers on the seafront near me in a reusable container. I bought chicken in a saucepan from the local butchers and unpackaged fruit, veg and nuts from the grocers. I brought them home in reusable bags.  I know some people like to take separate reusable bags for delicate fruit and veg, but I just stack them in the bags in such a way that they don’t get squashed and it seems to work so far.  Sometimes I wash out the large reusable bags I use.
  2. I found plastic free sea salt at the fishmongers (I was very excited about this as it is the only place I have found plastic free salt not in the supermarket!)
  3. We had plastic free roast chicken and roast potatoes (including roasted sweet potato and butternut squash) for dinner. 
Plastic used/ thrown away/ recycled:
  • A broken toy – plastic water pipe/ whistle thing went in the bin (not single use plastic and not mine, but the type of toy that breaks far too easily)
  • Another broken hairbrush prong 🙁

Day 5 – Saturday

Octopus energy

Today’s successes:

  1. I made pasta from scratch with mainly plastic free ingredients!  I messed up a bit though and used olive oil which has plastic around the lid/ seal… Next time I will use just flour and water, as I tried making it with egg and didn’t like it and the recipe with the oil didn’t work very well either as it was too wet.   The pasta took me hours and hours to make using a manual machine – I need to get quicker at it!
  2. The milk arrived from the milkman for the first time in a glass bottle!  
  3. I made spaghetti bolognaise with steamed grated sweet potato for dinner for me.  The rest of the family did have spaghetti which had been plastic packaged though.  I made the bolognaise sauce from scratch with mince that I bought unpackaged from the butcher and that I transported home in a reusable container. Some of the other ingredients did come packaged with plastic though 🙁 – tomato puree lid and yeast extract lid were both plastic
Plastic used/ thrown away:
  1. I ate a sandwich for lunch as I was in a major rush to get to my sons summer fair in time to help out on stall at 12.00… I didn’t have time to make a salad.  The bread came out of a plastic bag 🙁
  2. Dishwasher tablet wrapper – another thing I still haven’t sorted – plastic free dishwasher powder.
  3. Cucumber wrapper in the bin.
  4. Spaghetti in plastic packaging (not for me and already in my cupboard)
  5. I realised that instead of ordering full fat milk from the milkman I had ordered skimmed milk, so I changed my order and then somehow cancelled my milk for the rest of the week meaning I had to go out and buy some in plastic bottle later in the week.  I also didn’t order enough milk as I had family over on Sunday wanting cups of tea and we ran out before the delivery we were due to have next, which then didn’t come – doh, doh, doh!!!!
  6. I bought some secondhand uniform for my son at the summer fair, but did also buy a new school jumper in a disposable plastic wrapper 🙁 – wasn’t for me and at least I bought some secondhand.
  7. On Saturday night I drank a little more wine (from the open bottle with the plastic seal)…  I had decided it didn’t count it as it was already open (I am making up the rules as I go along), but I’m not going to open any more this month (ok don’t hold me to that).
Day 6 – Sunday
Today’s successes:
A pretty good day today! I had my husbands family over for lunch – there were 11 of us (including kids) and I made them a virtually plastic free lunch of:

  • salmon (bought in a reusable container from the fishmonger and cooked in a stoneware baker with a lid so no foil either),
  • homemade pasta (ok lets not talk about the oil), 
  • homemade pasta sauce (yes ok there was plastic in the passata jar lid and the tomato puree lid, but I made it in bulk and froze the leftovers, so perhaps less plastic than if I had bought jars of the stuff…), 
  • homemade coleslaw (virtually plastic free except a little plastic in the mayonnaise lid – need to make my own! I did use homemade yoghurt though)
  • Cherry tomatoes and chopped up carrots – bought unpackaged from the grocers. There was also plastic wrapped cucumber…
  • My mother-in-law very kindly brought a fruit salad in a reusable container (I didn’t ask about the fruit salad packaging :))
Plastic used/ thrown away/ recycled:
  • Gifts which came in plastic bags (saved for reuse) from family and plastic rubbish associated with them (chucked in the bin).
  • Cucumber wrapper (I tried to avoid eating the cucumber, but kept eating it without thinking and gave up in the end!)
Day 7:

Today’s successes:

Today was a single use plastic free day – woohoo! 
Plastic used/ thrown away/ recycled:
Ok it was single use plastic free, apart from using some vinegar for the washing (comes in a plastic bottle with a plastic lid – shh). I also made my son a marmite and cheese sandwich which in fact I do most days.  The cheese is ok, but the marmite had a plastic lid (but it wasn’t for me, so doesn’t count).

Conclusions after a week of Plastic Free July:

Although I set myself some rules for this month, I am going to scrap them.  Instead I am going to strive to be as plastic free as possible (but not worry if I’m not) and to continue to document and observe what I do throughout the month so I know what I need to work on in future.

There will be more diary entries soon and also I have a post coming up about interesting observations about going plastic free – so watch out for them!!!

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