My Year of Eco Challenges – Challenge 8

I haven’t used shampoo on my hair since last September (read more here). I haven’t visited a supermarket since last October (read more here). I haven’t bought anything new or secondhand for myself since last November (with some exceptions allowed – read more here), I have been trying to give something away each day since last December (read more here) . In January I signed up to the Rubbish Diet and slimmed my bin (read more here). In February I quit using toilet paper for a month (read more here) and in March I decided to start a food sharing revolution in my local area (read more here)! Alongside these challenges, I have been sugar free since February last year (read more here) and I am also preparing to go single use plastic free for Plastic Free July!  Not to mention a recent stint of going dairy free and an even more recent stint of trying out the Paleo diet.
I’ve been busy to say the least and recently have been starting to feel the strain (something I wrote about here). Most of these challenges have either become a way of life or only lasted a month, but some of these challenges are quite hard work.
The hardest has definitely been preparing to go single use plastic free for July and the next hardest is mending things.  When I said I wasn’t going to buy anything new, the idea was that I would also go on a mending spree – that hasn’t really happened.  Although some things have been mended a lot of things haven’t. 
So for this months challenge I am going to set myself some specific goals around mending and going single use plastic free.
  1. I am going to mend 5 things from my mending pile this month (if I get through them really quickly, I will try and mend up to 10 things in total, but I don’t want to over commit myself!)
  2. I am also going to try and cross off a few more things from my going single use plastic free to do list (read more here) specifically:
    1. Go and check out the shops in my area which sell unpackaged goods and start buying household staples like nuts, seeds, pasta, rice and noodles unpackaged where possible.
    2. Buy some biodegradable dental floss – there are various brands of silk floss available (I’m not sure if they come in plastic case though, so need to find out)
    3. Set up a milk delivery from the milkman in glass bottles
    4. Buy a reusable bed wetting mat
    5. Find a dishwasher powder that comes in a cardboard box with no plastic packaging (my attempts at making dishwasher powder have so far been unsuccessful)
    6. Work out a bread recipe that my husband likes, so that we don’t need to buy bread that comes in plastic bags (or give up on that and decide that my husbands food doesn’t count towards me going single use plastic free, but make a decision either way…)
That’s it for this month and I’m feeling good about it – hopefully by the time July comes round I will already be single use plastic free and it will be a breeze (you never know 🙂 )
Look out for my next challenge which I will be announcing on the 20th May and also for my updates on how I am going with this challenge and the various other challenges I am undertaking!
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  1. Out of all of them I think I would struggle with the sugar free! I am an addict I'm afraid. The plastic would be difficult as you forget it's part of our lives don't you? Good luck on your journey, just off to look for you on Twitter x

  2. Anonymous

    What a long way to come. You should feel very proud of yourself!
    'In the old days' ! dishwasher powder came loose in a box.. wonder if it still does.. perhaps ecover? I bought some squirty eco stuff, but didn't rate it on tea stained mugs. And it's still in a plastic bottle, so no use for your challenge anyway!
    Also, I buy bread once a week (2 loaves) from the bakers, in paper bags, then freeze what I won't use straight away. The same Mornflake thick plastic bag from porridge oats has served me well for this for a year now! Would that count ? This does involve a round trip to fetch it, but I have made it into a routine now. (We do all our circuits and bumps on Mondays.) Good hunting! Nina

  3. Zoe

    I struggled with going sugar free to start with, but once I was over it, I was over it and it just becomes a way of life. Thanks for the luck Paid in Chickens!

  4. Zoe

    We do have a bakers not too far from us, but it is not on my way anywhere. If I only needed to go once a week it would be ok, but my husband didn't like the bread after it had been frozen and I would probably have to go there every day, which can get a bit tricky some days and might get a bit stressful… I haven't seen any Ecover powder in my local shops, but looking on line they do sell it – thanks for the tip Nina!

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