Feeling the strain…

I know that the best way to treat obstacles are as if they were stepping stones and I know that some of the best discoveries are made when I can’t do what I would usually do/ from making mistakes, but recently everything seems to be going wrong and I really feel like having a great big whinge about it all and getting it out of my system!!!!
So be warned, carry on reading at your peril 🙂 
OK things going wrong include :
  1. Recently I’ve had 3 food waste disasters one of which is pictured above and one where I nearly burnt the house down and afterwards the house stank of smoke for days…
  2. Things have happened that mean I have been taking various steps backwards in relation to going single use plastic free for Plastic Free July (some in relation to point 3.)
  3. Having quit sugar (and most processed foods and avoiding wheat, yeast and alcohol most of the time) and losing loads of weight, I should be feeling really good, but actually recently I’ve not been feeling great at all and the doctor has told me (and more problematically the kids) to stay off dairy foods for a while.  Is there anything we can eat and can I get it plastic free !?!?!?!??!
  4. I have a great big urge to go out and buy a whole load of brand spanking new stuff (mostly in relation to not feeling well), which I’m starting to think it really wouldn’t be a good idea to wait until September for.  In fact I have already bought two new things, which I’m pretty sure are perfectly acceptable within my rules, but I feel guilty about….
  5. Feeling like I’m not keeping up with all the things I’ve said I will – in particular I’ve hardly done any mending.
  6. The water pistol method isn’t working as well as it was to start with and I think I need to give it some more thought…
  7. Not being able to keep up with blogging all the exciting things (and annoying things) that have been going on (when I say exciting – I mean exciting to me – you may not find them quite as exciting  🙂 )!!!!
OK rant over and if I get a chance I am going to blog a bit more in detail about each of these things (including the silver linings, which I know are there)!!!!!
If you are wondering why some of these things are problems I am doing a year of eco challenges and have been introducing a new challenge each month since last September. The challenges so far include not using shampoo, not shopping in supermarkets, not buying anything new or second hand for myself, giving something away each day, doing the Rubbish Diet, not using toilet paper and starting a food sharing revolution in my local area… I am also preparing to go single use plastic free for Plastic Free July. You can read my original post about My Year of Eco Challenges here. Plus on top of those challenges, I have been sugar free for over a year, I try to avoid taking conventional medicines wherever possible and I don’t use conventional cleaning products either… Also the kids aren’t too keen on the idea of giving up dairy products…
Next I’m going to try hopping a marathon (that is a joke in case anyone is getting any ideas – I would struggle to walk a marathon in one go, let alone hop one 🙂 )
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6 thoughts on “Feeling the strain…

  • My son and I are both dairy free. We also did a stint of gluten free, though it turned out to be unnecessary so we both now eat gluten. There are ways to make one's own almond milk (dates back at least to Tudor times, apparently), but it doesn't have calcium in it (not as much as milk, anyway) which is why I have settled on unsweetened almond milk in cartons (which has added calcium) and unsweetened soya (again with added calcium) in cartons to make yoghurt. I don't know if there's a way around using cartons. I suppose you could make almond milk and then supplement with other sources of calcium? Lots of extra faffing about though! And you're reduced to potatoes and rice as your carbohydrates which is tedious. I used to use Dove's Farm flour and I still use soya flour, potato flour and rice flour from the Health Food shop, but they do all come in plastic bags unfortunately (except the Dove's Farm flour which comes in a paper bag). When we did our gluten and dairy free diet we would eat lots of jacket potatoes, stir-fries with rice and risottos. Best of luck – if you really can't find a way round using things like cartons, maybe you could experiment with reusing the plastic for crafty/practical purposes. That way it won't be single-use plastic…? I'm very much looking forward to seeing how you get on, even where it doesn't work, because you can only do what you can do 🙂

  • Thanks so much for the ideas about making my own vegan milk and yoghurt Sandy – I'm really looking forward to giving it a go! I have seen a craft where you can turn those cartons into plant pots, but if I can avoid them I will.

  • You have signed yourself up to A LOT of stuff here so are bound to feel under it at various times. I think it sounds like you are doing pretty well myself even with the odd mess up. Nobodies perfect as they say! Keep fighting the good fight and I'm sure you be back on track in no time!

    I like the sound of the hopping marathon as well, for a second I thought that was serious, ha ha!

  • We also did gluten dairy and preservative and additive free for past year. We now are dairy free tolerating gluten organic mainly. Just turned family vegetarian last week andyself vegan. Have been veg for 15 years. I use coconut milk in cartons, dairy free pure spread for butter and baking. Made our own almond milk but easier to do calcium with cartoned as very hard to find dairy free calcium supplements with no additives.

  • I think you would be more qualified to hop a marathon than me theFIREstarter :). I have signed up to a lot and although I have my moments, I know it is what I really want to be doing.

  • Thanks for the tips Lisa. Unfortunately I am one fussy customer and don't want to have any non-recyclable packaging and don't like Pure because it uses processed oils (I'm trying to stick to cold pressed oils wherever possible).

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