Too much blogging

For a while now I have been blogging almost every day.  That combined with taking on a new challenge each month has suddenly all got a bit too much, so I’m going to do a bit less blogging for the time being.  I want to focus on tackling my plastic free to do list and my mending pile.  I will be blogging about these things, but I also need some time to do them as well! 
If anyone has any suggestions for how to reduce the plastic in my life (especially single use plastic) then please help me out and give me some tips – thanks!
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2 thoughts on “Too much blogging

  • I have a whole long list of things I need to go plastic free on, but there are a few I know I will struggle with. Milk is a problem as the only place that I know of that I can get milk in a glass bottle from is the milkman and they only deliver in 1 pint bottles, which means I will have far more glass bottles than I would have had plastic bottles, plus they are about double the price of the milk I usually buy… I may just have to take that hit for the month of July though… My other problems include toothbrushes and toothpaste (I haven't quite worked out a viable alternative yet) and rice cakes are a tricky one. I eat a lot of rice cakes, but they come wrapped up in plastic and I have no idea how to make my own versions…

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