My Year of Eco Challenges – Challenge 5!


For anyone who hasn’t read about My Year of Eco Challenges before I have been setting myself a new challenge each month since September 2013 and so far I have pledged to continue each of my current challenges until the end of the challenge year. They include giving up shampoonot shopping in supermarketsbuying nothing new or second hand for myself and giving something each day.  
It is now time for challenge no. 5 and although I had a variety of ideas of things I could do, I have decided that I needed to choose something that complements the challenges I am already undertaking without too much extra work.  Mainly because although some of the challenges I have set myself have saved me time e.g only washing my hair very infrequently and not buying stuff for myself, some of them are very time consuming e.g. trying to work my way through my mending pile, thinking of ways to give each day and trying to eliminate single use plastic from my life in time for Plastic Free July (I have barely scratched the surface of my plastic free to do list)!
So this challenge is a complementary one and should help with the plastic free and mending challenges, plus it should be something my household is pretty good at anyway.  For my 5th challenge in my year of eco challenges I have just subscribed to the Rubbish Diet at and taken on the challenge to slim my bin!  I will receive 4 emails over the course of a month (I think) with tips and advice on how to slim my bin and will be taking them on board.
Currently we are only putting our wheelie bin, which has a capacity of around two large bin bags out for collection once every 4 weeks, but I know we can do better, so I’m really interested to see how much longer we can go between bin collections!
As ever I will be posting on my progress with all the challenges I am undertaking so far on the blog and I will be announcing my next challenge on the 20th February – so don’t forget to look out for my updates and the next challenge!

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