Is going moneyless a step too far?

Well it isn’t for the Moneyless Man.  I found his Moneyless Manifesto because I was looking up alternative ways to clean teeth and wash hair.  He has some really interesting suggestions about this under his washing section.  
I still haven’t had a chance to read the whole Manifesto, but I will be later.  I found the sections I have read absolutely fascinating though. I found them so fascinating, because I could relate so much.  I have been on a journey to becoming eco-friendly and thrifty.  The Moneyless Man has been there, done that and is way ahead of me. 
His book is a very interesting read and there is lots of practical advice in his manifesto for how to live a moneyless and sustainable lifestyle as well. It’s free and it’s time well spent (in my opinion) so why not give it a go!
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