Since I decided to go on a mending spree, things have been breaking faster than I can fix them!
I have found holes in socks, my weighing scales falling apart, holes in my son’s school p.e. trousers and school bag. Plus after thinking I had solved my sons glove problem I found an even bigger hole in the other glove (which matched the one I fixed)…  My mending pile hasn’t even got a look in yet…
My husband pitched in and fixed the weighing scales with a bit of superglue (these scales have been fixed several times now).  Plus I made a start on my son’s school bag, which actually I had probably go and finish fixing now so that all his stuff doesn’t fall out of it tomorrow!

I guess although it is going to take me a while to fix all these things at least they won’t be going to landfill and I won’t be rushing out to buy new versions any time soon!

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