A great green night out!

Last week my husband and I were lucky enough to be invited out to an evening held at Brighton University which was mainly set up to promote the Green Deal.

A competition was run in the city of Brighton and Hove where 100 households won free Green Deal Assessments and 10 won up to £10,000 of home energy improvements.  We entered but didn’t win, we were however invited to watch a screening of the film of the winners having improvements made and went along to find out more.
The Green Deal, if you haven’t heard about it before is a government run scheme whereby you can borrow money from the government to make home energy improvements and then you repay the money via your electricity bill in installments.  You have to have a green deal assessment first and you have to use a specified green deal provider if you decide to go ahead with the improvements.  For more info take a look at  this link explaining how the green deal works.
After the screening we were given lots of reasons to hang around including free food, a free bar, live music and a tour of the Brighton Waste House (pictured above) currently being built on campus! As the name says, the house is being built out of waste and is an extremely inspirational project.  Cat Fletcher (pictured with me on the left) was onsite to tell us about it and afterwards I had a quick chat with her.  

I was pretty excited to meet her as she is seriously great!  She founded Freegle – a website where people give away their stuff for free.  I love this story about how she has kitted out her house for free in the Daily Mail.  I am a Freegle/ Freecyle addict and so far have managed to acquire a 12ft trampoline, a small trampette and two kids scooters via these sites!  

To round off what was a really lovely evening my husband and I sat listening to the lovely sounds of Sam Green and the Midnight Heist making good use of the free bar and  I even cycled to blend a strawberry daquiri (a blip on my part as I have hardly drunk any alcohol especially not cocktails since going sugar free! At least there was some exercise involved and I have got straight back on the sugar free bandwagon since then!)

So the Green Deal, building houses out of waste and kitting out your house for free via Freegle- lots of great ideas to think about from the evening and my idea of a perfect eco thrifty night out!

Octopus energy

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  1. Hello Zoe, sounds like you had a great evening. The Green Deal looks really interesting – we've been looking into it for our 1929 house, which is quite big, drafty and expensive to heat. Unfortunately we don't have the ability to put in cavity wall insulation. To insulate our home properly we'd need to purchase the external wall insulation via the green deal and the cost would be so high it would mean that we would be 'in debt' to the energy companies for a long time! So I'm intrigued but also a bit wary especially as the scheme adds a 7% interest charge and early repayment fees which seems a bit unfair to me. What were your thoughts on it? Sam @ThriftPop x

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