What to do with broken toddler books!

I was tidying up the kids bedrooms and I noticed that several of their books had fallen to pieces.  They were really nice books with sturdy pages.  Throwing them in the bin or even recycling them seemed a bit criminal and I had been thinking about updating the decor in my younger sons room, so I decided they would make the perfect wall art/ cupboard decoration!

I chopped out the animals from the book above and stuck them to my son’s wardrobe with bluetack.

The back of the book had buttons to press which you can see in the top picture.  I was going to stick it to the wall too, but I think they will work better just as a toy to play with!

Another book that had seen better days was a lovely board book with a story about what a teddy wanted to eat.  I mounted one of the pictures on a cover from another broken book, after covering it in red card and then stuck them all to the wall with bluetack.

I think my two year old liked the new pictures on the wall and cupboard.  I’m not sure they will last very long up there though, as once he saw me putting them up there, he worked out they could just as easily come off as well! Oh well – at least they will be easy to stick back up!

How do you use up your kids broken books and what do you think of turning broken books into wall art?  Let me know in the comments below!

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