A green clean – three tips for today

Microfibre cloths are great, but an old pair of socks will do.  The most well known microfibre cloths are e-cloths, but they are quite expensive and there are cheaper alternatives out there. I recently bought a microfibre mop for around £5 in Aldi, while the e-cloth version is around £20. If you have a look on the e-cloth website there is a calculator on there of how much they estimate you will save by buying their products. Think how much more you will save if you buy cheaper alternatives! http://www.e-cloth.com/save-with-ecloth/. I even tried polishing my mirrors and taps with a pair of old socks and a little water the other day and they were just as shiny as if I had used a microfibre cloth. They were however a little less smooth to use than the microfibre cloth.
Did you know that lemon juice is a great limescale remover and works fast at removing it on taps and sinks?  Make sure you test it on an inconspicous area first to ensure it doesn’t remove more than you bargained for! Although I do use microfibre cloths (or old socks) wherever possible and think they are great, I have not found them to be effective against limescale.  To tackle the limescale, I used to use Viakal Limescale Remover spray currently priced at £3.20 for 500ml in Sainsburys.  Lemon juice however is priced at around £1 for 500ml and I think it is a better buy as it is cheaper, smells nicer, is edible (not so worrying when cleaning with small children around) and is highly effective, so I now use it for all my limescale removal needs.
Bicarbonate of soda is a wonderful deodoriser and makes a great underarm deodorant. It is not an antipersperant and therefore does not stop you sweating, but it does get rid of bodily odours fast and effectively and I have found that it lasts all day. Use it sparingly though as it is abrasive and will rub if too much is used. Also pour some into the bottom of your bin/ leave some in a pot in the fridge and it will keep smells away. 

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