August 16, 2017

Zoe’s Zen Art

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As well as an eco-blogger, I am a zen doodling artist! I sell my artwork on Etsy here: Zoe’s Zen Art Etsy Shop.

I have tried to make my artwork as zero waste as possible. I sell giclee prints which have been printed on high quality bamboo fine art paper. It is a more eco-friendly alternative to other fine art papers which are cotton based as cotton is very water and pesticide intensive.

The packaging I send the prints out in is recycled and or recyclable where possible.

When I draw I don’t usually have any fixed outcomes in mind so if I make a ‘mistake’ I try to incorporate it into my work and that means less scrunched up pieces of paper and less waste.

I am currently helping to raise money with my prints for Zero Waste Week by donating £2 for every print sold until the end of September 2017. Any prints you buy will help to support an independent artist and blogger, as well as the great cause that is Zero Waste Week. I really appreciate your support by buying and/ or spreading the word about my prints. Thanks so much!

You can also check out my blog here: Zoe’s Zen Art

I can be found on: TwitterFacebook and Instagram under @zoeszart