April 19, 2017


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I am currently writing a book with the same title as this blog – Eco Thrifty Living! It will be an introduction to saving money and the environment in lots of areas of your life. These will include in the kitchen, in the bathroom, when shopping, while having fun, during special occasions and lots more! In the book, I will bring together the basics of what I have learned during my years of being eco-friendly and saving money in a structured way with added insights not shared on the blog.

I’m going to let you into a secret. Writing a book and becoming a best selling author has been my life long dream. The idea of actually doing it though has scared me silly and brought up all sorts of mental blocks. Of course writing a book doesn’t mean I will automatically become a best selling author, but because I have built it up into such a big thing in my head for so many years, I have found writing this book far more challenging than I could ever have imagined!

I’m not going to let my fear hold me back though and I have set myself a deadline to publish it by the end of March 2019! To be amongst the first to hear about it when it is published and to keep up to date with the blog, sign up to my newsletter here: subscribe here. After you have done that, go and check out the blog!