Yummy uses for cold chips!

I try to not buy takeaways because they can be expensive compared to home made meals, are rarely as healthy and usually come in packaging (although I have been known to take my own reusable containers). Most of the time I try to take my own advice here for alternatives to takeaways but there are always times when it just doesn’t work out and we get one!

The other day we needed something really quick for dinner, but we had already had a big lunch so didn’t need much and we bought some chips with the plan of grating a bit of cheese over them when got home (not the healthiest dinner we have ever eaten!). I over estimated the number of chips we could eat though and bought way too many. In fact I bought a whole portion too many!
Happily the chips came in paper which I recycled and I brought them home in a reusable bag I had on me, so at least nothing went in the bin!
Portions of chips are often bigger than I think they will be and we always end up eating more chips than we need. I usually end up dumping any excess we can’t get through in the compost bin as it never occurred to me that anything could be done with cold chips, but I couldn’t bring myself to chuck a whole portion of chips and turned to google. It turns out there is no good reason to chuck cold cooked chips and there is lots that can be done with them! Essentially they are just cold cooked potato and aside from simply reheating there are lots of recipes that use pre-cooked potatoes!

I decided to use mine up in a Spanish frittata! I chopped up the chips, put them in the fridge until the next day. Then I reheated them in a pan, put in some chopped up bits of steamed courgette, poured over some egg and topped with slices of cheese. I cooked it until it was solid to the touch (except for the cheese, which was nicely melted) on top and served it! Ideally it would have been better to firm up the top by putting the pan in the oven as my one was a little crispy on the bottom by the time I was done, but I wasn’t sure I could do that with my pan.

The frittata was really delicious (although a little well done) and was a quick and easy way to use up those leftover chips.

Other potential uses for cold chips include chip ‘potato’ salad, patatas bravas, leek and chip soup and more! Now I know there are so many uses for cold chips, I’ll never chuck them again! How about you – what do you do with cold chips – have you ever used them up and how did it turn out for you?

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