Updates, shout outs and my next challenge!

Plastic Free July

I have loads more I want to write about Plastic Free July, but I just haven’t got the time, so this will be my final post about it (for now)

I haven’t kept a specific diary the last few days about the plastic that has been going in my bin because I have realised that for now I have reached my limit of how plastic free I can go and that actually trying to go beyond that was making me feel quite uptight about everything.  It didn’t seem to matter how hard I tried plastic just kept finding it’s way into my life.  
  • I made two orders – one of soap and one of charcoal (for filtering water, not for a bbq).  I actually phoned up the company selling the soap before I ordered it and grilled them about whether the delivery would come with any plastic packaging.  They assured me it wouldn’t, but it did….  I chose the charcoal wrapped in paper and not plastic bags (there were two options) – it did arrive in paper and even had a note saying they avoided plastic packaging because it was kinder to the environment, but then they sent it with two complimentary bars of charcoal soap wrapped in plastic.
  • I had people round who kindly gave me gifts, however they mostly came with plastic bags and plastic packaging of some sort.  
  • I got sent a very random gift in the post which was very kind and for no particular reason, but it was full of plastic!!!
I kind of gave up trying to be 100% plastic free as I know it isn’t achievable at the moment and have allowed myself to relax a bit and take some easy plastic options over the last several days.
I was feeling disappointed with myself, but actually I have come a long way and although plastic free July hasn’t been the entirely plastic free month I had hoped for, all the preparation along the way has made me far more plastic free on an ongoing basis than I ever would have been if I hadn’t prepared for Plastic Free July.
Shout Outs:

Having run out of steam half way through Plastic Free July, I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I decided it was a good idea to pledge the above!  Zero Waste Week isn’t until the first week of September though so maybe I will have had a bit of time to re-energise by then! If you want to sign up to Zero Waste Week – you can do so here.  You don’t have to pledge to throw nothing away, you just pledge whatever you feel comfortable with doing.  The theme is one more thing, so for example if you currently recycle nothing – you could start recycling something, but if you currently recycle everything your council collects, you could take it a step further and also recycle the things your council doesn’t collect.
I also wanted to quickly thank www.mint.com for interviewing me recently which you can read here
My next Challenge:

My next challenge on My Year of Eco Challenges will be to have a total break from my blog for the whole of August. I would like to put a blanket ban on Facebook, but I use it for too many other things now, so I will just avoid it for my blog.  I will totally avoid Twitter and I won’t be publishing any blog posts throughout August.  If anyone wants to get in touch with me then they can email me on ecothriftyliving@gmail.com but I can’t guarantee to respond throughout August.
The reason for this challenge is partly because I want to reduce the amount of time I spend on my smartphone and social media sites and the other reason is because it is the school holidays, we are doing a house swap and I want to enjoy the holidays, be there for my family and have a proper break!
You might be thinking this isn’t a very eco-challenge.  Well it is a bit.  I’m not giving up my smartphone or social media sites entirely, but I want to reduce my use of them because I am over consuming them. I am spending way too much time on them, which means I am constantly charging my phone using up electricity often at night when my solar panels are using no electricity. I have already refused an upgrade for my smartphone and plan to keep my current one as long as possible.  This for me is a baby step to see if I can use my smartphone less and work out whether I actually really need it at all…
Anyway, this will be my last post for a while, so have a great August everyone and I will see you in September for Zero Waste Week!!!
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