Did it work???

This morning I was quite excited to go and have a look in my oven to see if I had made yoghurt after yesterdays experiment which you can read about here.  I opened the oven, unwrapped the glass saucepan and tada – I had made yoghurt, the new to me method was a success!  Life really doesn’t get any more exciting than this 🙂
The yoghurt smelled good and looked fairly solid.  I gave it a good stir to mix it all up and then spooned it through a funnel into 2 sterilised glass jars.  One jar of yoghurt is for eating and one jar is for saving some to make the next batch with.  After stirring it gets a bit runny, but it will get more solid again after being stored in the fridge for several hours.
I really like this method over my previous one (which you can read about here) because now I will make good use of one of my glass saucepans and there is less washing up to do afterwards!  
Note:  all yoghurt making and containing equipment should be sterilised before use.
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