Today I released a book into the wild!

I recently discovered BookCrossing. BookCrossing is a fun way to give away and then track the journey of a book that you no longer need/want.  It is really easy to do and is completely free to use.
If you want to give away a book via this method you need to do this:
  1. Join
  2. Choose the book you want to give away and register it on the site – you will be given a unique identifying number.
  3. Print out a label explaining the bookcrossing process to stick in the book or simply write a message inside the book, including the unique identifying number.
  4. Leave the book in a public place where it will be found by someone (the bookcrossing people call  this releasing it into the wild)
The idea then is that whoever finds the book will join too and log that they have the book. Then when they are done with it, they will release it back into the wild and so on and so on.  
I have quite a few books I no longer need and decided to give it a go.  I had a lovely family day at Brighton Marina today and left my first book there – the Unfortunates by Laurie Graham.  I went back later to look – it wasn’t where I left it and I am really interested to find out who has it and where it goes!
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