Day trip waste…

Today we went on a day trip an hour and a half away to see some friends.  We went out for lunch, then for a cup of tea and some chips, stopped off at a service station on the way home to give the kids dinner and then we got a takeaway for us and now we are home with full bellies.  It was a lovely day and it was great to meet up with our friends. However the trip cost us what I think is a small fortune – around £78 including petrol!  

I did take snacks in the car, but usually we would have a packed lunch and a packed dinner if we are going to be out all day.  We met our friends out for lunch though and I didn’t get around to packing anything for dinner.  I couldn’t believe quite how quick and easy it was to spend that amount of money in one day just on food and petrol.
We very rarely do that kind of thing though, so the odd day of spending is ok.  Next time we go on a day trip though I will definitely be packing more food!
At lunch and at the cafe for tea and chips, I didn’t really notice any obvious waste.  
When we got to the service station though we got the kids pizzas which came with a bottle of coke which my husband drank.  The pizzas came in cardboard boxes, which said please recycle on them. The coke came in a plastic bottle.  I walked around the service station and couldn’t find a single place to recycle the boxes or the bottle.  I asked at one of the counters if there was anywhere to recycle them.  The guy said that there was somewhere outside the building past the toilets.  I went outside but couldn’t find anywhere obvious and another member of staff came past who told me there wasn’t anywhere to recycle them.  So I brought them home.

I had the Clean Bin Project film in mind when I was doing this as Jen and Grant took any waste – food or packaging that they got when out and about, home with them.  I don’t know why I haven’t done this before (probably because I don’t eat out very often) – I will be in future though!

When I went to pick up the takeaway it was already in a plastic bag.  I took it all out of the plastic bag and put it in my own bag.  The girl at the desk took the bag and scrunched it up which was a bit upsetting. There was still some plastic in the order as well – a tub with a dip in it and a bag full of chopped onion and cucumber.  Plus there were some foil containers, which I can’t recycle in my local area.. I was a little worried about the takeaway leaking into the bag and it did.  Actually though it was fine – I found it wiped clean really easily with a kitchen cloth and I had bought it for £1 in a charity shop so it really didn’t matter if it got a little messy…
In the car on the way home we had ummed and ahhed about making something quick and easy when we got in or just going with a takeaway.  Next time we have that conversation my decision will be easier to make knowing that I won’t get the takeaway unless I can take my own containers when I place the order for them to fill!  Plus the rice was white (I try to avoid white carbs) and there was probably sugar in the sauce/ dip – so all round bad decision (slapped hand for me 🙂 )

I decided to send the service station we stopped at an email politely asking them to consider installing recycling bins in their service stations.  I will be interested to see if they get back to me and if so what they will say! Update – see their response here.

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