My year of Eco Challenges – Challenge 2!

I have decided that my next challenge for My Year of Eco Challenges will be to give up shopping at supermarkets for the rest of my challenge year.  This challenge has been inspired by bloggers such as Team Pugh from A Year Without Supermarkets and Jade Beecroft from My Year Without Supermarkets.

I really don’t want to stop shopping at supermarkets.  It is so convenient and there is a massive supermarket within walking distance of my house. Sometimes on the weekend it is a family outing for us to walk to the supermarket and back. I don’t even go there to do my main shop, I order it online and wait for it to be brought into my kitchen.  For years now I have thought online shopping is brilliant – such a time and stress saver.  So what on earth am I doing giving up supermarkets then??
I love this post from Jade who poses the question ‘But why make life more difficult?‘ and I have some answers of my own to that question below:
  • Packaging – although there are some foods that I could buy loose if I went into the supermarket, most of the organic produce comes in packaging.
  • Greater knowledge of where my food has come from – by buying food that I know exactly where it has come from i.e. with a short supply chain wherever possible I feel there is less room for food fraud  – think horsemeat scandal (although I accept that if someone wants to commit fraud it can always be done somehow…)
  • Reducing food miles – by trying to buy as much locally grown and produced food as possible.  Yes supermarkets do stock some local foods, but the majority of their produce is not local.
  • Supporting local businesses and individuals
  • Cost – although it is easy to think the supermarkets are going to be cheaper than other options actually they aren’t always. There are very few foods sold in bulk in the supermarket which often means extra packaging and greater cost. Plus supermarkets are very specifically designed to get you to spend more than you had planned. 
  • There are other online options for buying food outside of the mainstream supermarkets.
There are lots of good reasons to stop being so dependent on supermarkets but although I would love to say nothing will enter my house from a supermarket for the rest of my challenge year, I know that won’t be practical.  I won’t be able to stop my husband from shopping in supermarkets and I also have a foreign student living in my house at the moment who I can’t tell what to do. I will however pledge to personally stop shopping in supermarkets. I do most of the food shopping and cooking so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem and I will ask my husband to avoid shopping in supermarkets for myself and my children.

I have already started scoping out some of the local and online places I can transfer my shopping habits to and I will be writing about them soon!

I will be announcing my next challenge on the 20th November – so look out for it!
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